The presentation dates of the iPhone 13 are approaching, and with it the most recent rumors as in previous years at this time, iPhone 13 will have few differences with respect to 12, so Apple will maintain its prices with the new model, the iPhone 12 mini It does not have the push in sales that the company expected, however it will have all its versions for the iPhone 13. Among its novelties it will have a smaller notch and will have Apple's new A15 chip that will be manufactured in a 5nm process. The screens will be oled and in the top models they will have the update rate of 120 Hz. In addition, the new iPhone will gain in stabilization and autofocus in the wide-angle lenses, it is said that the ldar will only be present in the top models the iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro Max, making them stand out more to be the most attractive proposition.