Crime Stories: India Detectives

“Patience is the key to investigating any case; without being patient, we won’t be able to do justice,” says Latha, Sub Inspector of Subramanyanagar Police Station as she investigates a sex worker’s murder. After 11 days, she and her team finally nab the culprit and bring him to justice. While speaking to the makers of documentary series Crime Stories: India Detectives, she reveals how she held contempt in her heart for sex workers due to the societal perception she had imbibed, but during the course of the investigation, learning their stories changed her. “I feel guilty for having thought the way I did,” she adds. The docu-series Crime Stories which premiered on September 22 on Netflix, takes the audience on a spine-chilling chase with Bengaluru city police as they decode four major crimes that shocked the city’s collective conscience. Spanning across four episodes of 40–60-minute runtime, the series follows an investigating team of four police stations who cracked three murders and one kidnapping case that came to light in early 2020 before the pandemic.