IQ Option is a trading platform in which you can invest in stocks, gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, raw materials among other assets, simply buying and selling from the same platform through a computer or smart phone, through financial instruments. To trade or negotiate in the stock market, the first thing we must do is hire a Broker (entity that executes the orders and has the license to buy and sell in stock markets) there is also the Trader (The one who operates the platform, This needs a Broker to control the platform, they obtain profitability by analyzing the market and know when to buy and sell a certain share), once knowing that it is advisable to work with IQ Option, since you have everything resolved, you just have to invest and generate income, it is one of the best known and solid companies that you can work with, you can have operations in the trading, forex or crypto market, as well as other products, simply register and I will have an account in IQ Options, you will receive an email for verification. From the outset you don't have to do anything, since you will receive a demo account in which they will give you 10 thousand dollars to practice and start getting to know the platform and the market, once you practice enough you can make your first real investment with a minimum amount of 10 dollars, within the platform you will be shown the information in real time of companies such as Tesla, Disney, Apple etc. For example, you can invest in buying or selling Disney shares, on the left side the speculation options will be shown, if the trend is to sell or buy, once the option is selected, you place the amount to invest and the multiplier will be shown below, a brief time less than 1 minute in which you will see the graph change either the positive or negative trend, if you invested 5 dollars and your speculation is correct, showing itself on the graph, you will be able to get 10 dollars by the multiplier X2, you will have the money immediately In your account either to withdraw it or continue investing, there is also the possibility of having several graphs at the same time, to invest in different assets and make you able to multiply your money faster, what do you expect to start earning money easily and ERROR: Formato de URL no válido

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IQ OPTION LINK: https://affiliate.iqbroker.com/redir/?aff=268533