I am looking for her son kidnapped in China for 24 years and if she managed to find him

Guo Gangtang a Chinese man suffered something terrible in 1997 in front of his house his 2-year-old son was stolen by human traffickers in Shandong province. The man did not lose hope, with the help of his motorcycle he traveled more than 20 regions looking for the slightest clue that could help him find his son, after traffic accidents and damaging 10 motorcycles, he never gave up, with posters and photos His son's still decided to find him. The Ministry of Public Security of China, found the whereabouts of his son through a DNA test, thanks to the fact that they located 2 suspects in the kidnapping, they tried to abduct the child to be able to sell him, a woman with the surname Tang kidnapped him and took him to the bus terminal where her accomplice Hu would wait for her, they took him to Henan province, where they would end up selling the Child, the police found the son still living there because I never know where he is, and he was able to meet his family again.