Cosmic Sin

In the year 2031 the first colony on Mars was founded. By 2042, the Alliance was formed and quantum propulsion technology enables humanity to travel beyond the solar system. Unfortunately, the Mars colony fails in 2281 and the Alliance controls all three colonies: Earth, Zafdie, and Ellora. Zafdie attempts to break away from the alliance in 2519. In this war, James Ford drops a Q (uantum) bomb on the rebel colony, killing 70 million people. After committing this atrocity, he is dishonorably discharged from the Alliance army; his wife, Dr. Lea Goss, leaves him; and he is later known as "El General de Sangre". In space, the Sigea are an invasive alien species that invades and conquers other worlds. They can parasitically infect others by forcing them to ingest a black fluid that brings them under the control of Sigea's hive mind.