trapped: series

It is a short story in third person from the perspective of several characters that tells the story of how Johnny Womack, a truck driver, becomes involved in the plans of Sammy Travis, a soldier on duty, who intends to perpetrate a robbery of 750 thousand dollars to a United States Army armored car. The story begins with Johnny Womack driving his truck down Highway 77 on his way to Los Angeles for a casket order. As he drives he reflects on his failed marriage to Emma Nadine, who had been unfaithful to him. Due to a breakdown in the truck, Johnny Womack is forced to refuel in the town of Valerie. On the other hand, Sammy Travis, a soldier by profession, plots a hard hit on an armored army truck with Adam Wibber, the sheriff of the city of Valerie, Bernie White, an auto mechanic, and Lila Travis, his young wife. Fate ends up involving Johnny Womack in the coup plotted by Sammy Travis and his accomplices, at the same time that a love triangle develops between these two and Lila.