DNA must be changed in order to colonize Mars

Chris Mason has spent years studying what happens to our body outside the earth and has published a book in which we talk about why it is good to become an interplanetary species, in addition to having biological changes to be able to survive on other worlds, Cris directed one of the 10 teams of NASA researchers, to be able to compare the genetic and philosophical changes of astronaut Scott Kelly who spent a year on the international space station and his brother Mark Kelly who spent that time here on earth, in his book called ' The Next 500 years: Engineering Life to Reach New Worlds' affirms that according to estimates the earth has 4.7 billion years left before becoming uninhabitable, being too optimistic and hoping that another extinction event will not happen sooner, it also affirms that it is a must genetically protect our species and look for other planets that allow us to move forward adapting to them.