Oxygen (2021 film)

A woman wakes up in an airtight medical cryogenic unit to find that she is trapped and the unit's oxygen levels are falling rapidly. Suffering from memory loss, she does not remember who she is or how she got there. She is assisted by an advanced AI called MILO (Medical Interface Liaison Officer), but she refuses to open the cryogenic unit without an administrator code. Using MILO, she can broadcast outside the module and communicate with emergency services. She provides them with the model and serial number of the cryogenic unit, which are printed on the inside. Upon contacting the manufacturer, she is informed that the unit was destroyed three years earlier. Unable to recall her memories, she searches for clues to her past by searching for images and items through the AI ​​computer and finds her name, Elizabeth Hansen. She realizes that she is a cryogenic doctor. She finds her husband, Léo Ferguson, and her contact number by accessing her social networks, but when she calls her number, a woman answers. She tells the woman that she is Léo's wife and demands to speak to him. The woman looks confused and hangs up. Heartbroken by the truth, he deduces that the awakening was due to processor overheating and realizes that he must divert the functions of the processor to another processor assigned to non-essential functions, but initially fails as the data exceeds capacity. . As time passes and the oxygen levels wane, she prepares for suicide by attempting to open the capsule. Soon after, she discovers that Léo is also hypersleep on the damaged spaceship along with almost 10,000 other people, but she realizes that he is missing a scar on his forehead that she had before. Upon further investigation, through a video submitted by an elderly version of her, it is revealed that she is a genetic clone with Elizabeth Hansen's original personality and memories implanted, including memories of Léo. The woman she has been talking to on earth is the original, and now older,