Teen siblings charged in committing biggest bitcoin scam ever

Ameer and Raees Cajee, 18 and 20, founders the Africrypt cryptocurrency platform that began operating in South Africa in 2019. For a complaint filed to the police in April by a law firm on behalf of a group of investors, hundreds of users stopped having access to their accounts, being that week the biggest rise of bitcoin with a historical maximum of US $ 63,226 per unit. In the same month from Africrypt's COO, Ameer Cajee informed clients that the company suffered a cyber attack for which the platform had stopped operations. They emailed investors telling them not to go the "legal route" as it would "only delay the process of recovering missing funds." The brothers disappeared a few days after sending the emails on April 13. Lawyer John Oosthuizen, Raees and Ameer Cajee's legal representative, told the BBC that the brothers who founded Africrypt categorically deny any involvement in a "robbery" or that they had run away with funds, that the platform was hacked and that they too they are victims.