Create a website and monetize it with Adsense

Another of the best ways to passively earn money online is by monetizing web pages with advertising. The concept is similar to that of affiliate marketing: you create a website on a topic, attract readers and once they are there you earn money when they perform a certain action. The great advantage of advertising is that you do not need the reader to buy to earn a commission. The most common is that you earn money when the reader clicks on an ad (what is known as PPC -Pay Per Click-). In fact, this is how the world's largest ad network works: Google Adsense. 1.Maximize the money you can earn from advertising. The more relevant and specific an ad is, the more likely the reader will click on it. 2. It saves you from having to contact any advertiser directly. There are hundreds of thousands of companies advertising through Adsense. 3. Make the ads not seem forced. Being personalized for the reader and theme of the web, they are integrated quite naturally in the pages.