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Do you really want to get free bitcoins? Free bitcoin tap Free bitcoin tap Satoshi Hero is a simple and fun way to earn Bitcoins. We are offering a completely FREE bitcoin tap paying three times every 10 minutes. Quick withdrawals Quick withdrawals All the bitcoins that you have earned accumulate in your balance. You will be able to withdraw them once you reach a balance of 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC). Withdrawals are added and processed hourly. Great referral program Great referral program Invite your friends to Satoshi Hero and earn money with them! You will receive 50% of their earnings as long as they use our website. Referral commissions are credited instantly. How to get free bitcoins in this tap? What is a Bitcoin tap? A bitcoin faucet is a website that gives away free bitcoins to its registered users. In order to claim all you have to do is register on the website, solve a captcha and get free bitcoins. What are withdrawal limits in Satoshi Hero? We currently have a withdrawal threshold of 30,000 satoshi, which means that once you have collected 30,000 satoshi, you can create your withdrawal request whenever you want. Does Satoshi Hero have other usage limits? At our faucets we are eager to offer users the best offers and payment rates on the market. To keep our business profitable we are constantly working to protect our taps from bots, spammers and cheaters. Our bitcoin tap is made only for real users and any attempts to use scripts, bots, hacker attacks, etc. will be forbidden. We have internal algorithms that determine suspicious activity that we do not disclose. How often does Satoshi Hero pay the money? Withdrawal requests are processed once a day before 12:00 UTC. You will see that your transaction has been "Completed" in the withdrawal history. Who pays the commission fees for withdrawal transactions here? Satoshi Hero covers all transaction fees for you. You will receive the total amount that you have made on our website. What other services does Satoshi Hero offer? We have a games section with two games available now. We also have a partner section with links to trusted places to get free bitcoins and spend them well. Is there any other way to make money on Satoshi Hero? Yes, we have an affiliate program that pays a lifetime commission of 50% of the money users have made. Just copy your affiliate link and paste it on your Bitcoin related website, or forum signature, or even Youtube video, to earn money! Medium If you have any questions, you can contact our helpdesk by sending us an email.Before contacting, please make sure your request meets the following requirements: You have read the Help section and did not find an answer. The application is written in English and does not contain abusive words. You have described your problem correctly and attached all the necessary details. BAD EXAMPLE: MANAGER! WHERE IS MY MONEY?!? GOOD EXAMPLE: Hey, I requested a withdrawal on [DATE AND TIME] to my address [WALLET]. I can see that it is in Manual state for more than 3 days. Could you explain to me what else is needed and why does it take so long to withdraw my bitcoin? All support requests that do not meet the requirements will be ignored. It is your responsibility to write a proper and understandable application. If you think you're done, feel free to shoot at [email protected] What is a Bitcoin (BTC)? Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and one of the largest payment systems in the world. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is unregulated in most countries and is decentralized (meaning there is no Central Bank involved). The network is transparent, you can see all the transactions on it, although it is anonymous, so you will never know who made the transaction. What is a Satoshi? Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin. 1 satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC, or 100,000,000 satoshi equals 1 bitcoin. This divisibility makes Bitcoin suitable for micropayments or micro transactions, such as those used in bitcoin faucets. Is Bitcoin legal in my country? Most countries do not count bitcoin as illegal, although again in most countries bitcoin is not legally a means of payment. Some countries have given bitcoin official money status, others have banned it outright, making it illegal to use, possess or trade bitcoins. This regularly updated article will give you an in-depth understanding of the legal status of bitcoin in most countries around the world. How do Bitcoin faucets work? There are several bitcoin taps, each with its own

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