Far Cry 6 for PC offer

In this impressive and beautiful place, with its superb yet ancient architecture, the evil dictator, Antón Castillo (masterfully played by Giancarlo Esposito) has a lesson to teach his son. He hands the boy, Diego, a grenade, holds the firing mechanism, and pulls out the pin. Thus, he explains, it is how people are: obedient as long as they are held firmly. However, get too relaxed around them and ... Boom. This lesson is the way El Presidente tries to toughen up his son, preparing him to succeed him in his brutal regime. Curiously, he is not shown to be an evil guy to use: he has his reasons for his behavior that are, at least for him, sensible. The fact that people need a firm grip so things don't get rowdy, bloody, and somewhat fleeting, at least for the Castles, is backed by the existence of resistance. Which is where you come inFar Cry 6 for PC is set on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, an open-world (sort of) first-person shooter. The game features the largest Far Cry map to date, which you can cross on foot or in a very diverse range of vehicles. Thanks to the determined efforts of El Presidente, the tropical paradise is frozen in time. This is to prevent the population from getting ideas about independence and free and fair elections and other nonsense, of course

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