How to watch ESPN on a PS3

Whether you're looking to watch an original ESPN show or a recap of a recent MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA game, you can use MediaMail Technologies' PlayOn software to stream the popular sports network right to your PS3. At the time of publication, PlayOn is the only application that allows you to stream ESPN through the game console. Once you install and run the application on your computer, your PS3 will recognize the PlayOn software automatically. MediaMail offers monthly, annual, and one-time fixed payment service plans. The company also offers a free 30-day trial. Download and install PlayOn on your computer from Launch the PlayOn application. Turn on your PS3. The console will automatically recognize the PlayOn application running on your computer. Scroll down to the "Video" option in the main menu and select the "PlayOn" app. A variety of TV and movie services will appear in the PlayOn menu sidebar. Scroll through the PlayOn services and select the "ESPN" or "ESPN 3" option. Select the ESPN show you want to watch. You can also use the "Categories" option to search and view summaries of recent NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA games.