Angry at Nintendo for not releasing a community-long-awaited console?

Nintendo unveiled a few days ago the new Nintendo Switch oled console, before the announcement the gamer community responded negatively for the new console, for the community it was a "joke", many rumors since 2019 began to outline the way of a new arrival in the Nintendo family, a switch pro, which would have better features in everything, 4k, bigger screen, more battery, better processor etc. that would compete with the arrival of the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X, with which before the announcement of a switch only with an oled screen, which only provides a better visual to certain games, those who know Nintendo should know that if strategy is to remove multiple consoles during the useful life of their portable consoles, taking as an example the Nintendo 3ds, which is made up of a total of 6 models that change slightly between each one, 3DS, NINTENDO 3DS XL, NINTENDO 2DS, NEW NINTENDO 3DS, NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL, NEW NINTENDO 2DS XL. With this it is clear that Nintendo wants to exploit the hybrid, as much as possible as it has done with its previous laptops.