Buy an NVIDIA RTX 3090 reaches 110 ° c and when you open it you are surprised

In any product we buy there is a tolerance index for any damage or failure, but certainly this product, being of a high profit and having a very high cost, should have a high quality margin, in this case a user bought an RTX 3090 and when installing it and playing with it he discovered that the temperature of the VRAM memories reached the limit, he decided to open his RTX and was surprised by what he found, he discovered that the Thermal Pads still had the sticker without removing, so the transfer of heat is almost non-existent, this is a delicate point of attention to the manufacturer, since spending more than 2,000 thousand euros on an NVIDIA RTX 3090 and in the end you find this problem that can be overwhelming to the point of not knowing what may be happening and damage your card.