3 musical trends of the moment that you should know

1. Tropical house The tropical sounds in one of the flagship genres of this 2021 as compatible in a Balearic lounge as on a dance floor, whose biggest hits fall on the Cheerleader remix that the Jamaican OMI has turned into one of the songs of the summer or What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber, another artist who has joined the house defined by the sound of pan flutes. 2. PBR & B is becoming the future of black music by bringing R&B to more indie and experimental grounds. The Weeknd, with his singles Can't Feel My Face or The Hills has been in charge of culminating the emerging impact of a nurtured genre 3.Trap, Coming from the southern United States, trap was born in 2012 as a combination of hip hop and electronic music of certain eighties influences. Artists like DJ Snake with Turn Down for What and songs like Katy Perry's Dark Horse or Beyoncé's Drunk in Love are some examples of this whirlwind of synths and urban rhythms.