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is a faucet in which you pay in bitcoin, through faucetpay The steps to follow are to create the account in faucetpay then once in there you go where it says deposit once in there it generates certain codes which you must copy, once copied you go to the page where you are going to earn money And you will paste the code that you grabbed where it says Enter your Bitcoin Address there will be pasted the codes that you generated in faucetpay and every 5 minutes it will restart to earn bitcoin. All you have to do is answer certain cachet ads that appear and voila that would be it and that way you would be earning bitcoin easy and simpledoogeik [BTC] Balance: 1566 satoshi 1 satoshi every 10 minutes. Please disable your AdBlock plugin. Don't just whitelist our website, but completely pause/disable it while browsing! Click here when you are done. Your address:Recent Payouts Date Address Reward 16.08.2021 19:24:35 1FqF5RKhzBrZ5nEyP8nVMdVReswKAD3RQi 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 19:15:50 bc1qjl6q7qs2xhzyl43nen7eqpsjzfte9p96twhpdy 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 19:15:24 138Wh8tbnyJTaQcRKtr1ZnXkCAF1TrKVMz 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 19:08:02 18m8sYyr1CdGrc2Gai9QGkJHTtaVMNgU6G 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 18:51:23 17SRei3fTttFCRQa1GPSz1dgxKPvapW3qg 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 18:38:19 1N2MReew2QjzidKuYrA6ZRDpNTJ1YP3LRn 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 18:28:06 bc1qjl6q7qs2xhzyl43nen7eqpsjzfte9p96twhpdy 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 18:11:54 1N2MReew2QjzidKuYrA6ZRDpNTJ1YP3LRn 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 17:59:33 0xFF8C8a63DCa70bC94b8b3Fa686cB56B042E4df6D 1 satoshi 16.08.2021 17:55:19 1Pfgvda9N8pNhuEPhUkzVsm6AmbhR4jnqq 1 satoshi